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Ashley & Cameron



March 6, 2020


I arrived at Raleigh Falls early so I could get a good idea of what I was up against given we still have a lot of snow. It was not what I expected, but then again, I wasn't sure what to expect. It was an adventure from the moment I arrived! First of all, I should have brought my snowshoes but thankfully, I had my big boots on and tied them off so no snow would get in. I spent some time taking pictures of the falls and then I noticed the sun was setting and Ashley & Cameron still weren't there. They live in Sioux Lookout and to drive so far, I was not about to re-schedule just to get more daylight so it was a now or never situation. I had a new plan in mind, and it was going to be fast!

I had met Ashley at the recent bridal show in Dryden, so when they arrived, I said hello and had her change into her dress right away. I had them originally starting in casual clothes but preferred to get some in her dress while we had the most daylight. Then I quickly introduced myself to Cameron and then began photographing her ring while they changed. Then we raced to one location and then down to the waterfalls where it was almost completely frozen over. SO GORGEOUS!!

I'm so thankful these two were naturals in front of the camera! I was in 'GO' mode and working fast. Since there was so much snow, they were limited on movement, as was I, but despite all that, they completely rocked their engagement session!

We ended the evening on a road near the falls as it was brighter in open space and I'm so glad we did! I was about to frame them with a tamarack tree and I noticed the small cones on the branches that looked like rose buds and I thought what an cute spot for a macro ring photo! It was a little windy so Ashley and Cameron were warming up in their truck, as I was trying to hold the branch with one hand, while shooting with the other to get the shot. As much as I really liked the first ring photo, I LOVE the last one. It was my final photo of the night because we ran out of sun and they were no doubt cold!

Driving home, it was the most beautiful sunset and I thought to myself and smiled, - these two are young and in love. Not that I'm old, but I'm older and it was really nice to see.

This was my last photo of the evening as the sun was almost gone. I had my ISO set to 6400 and that is a lot! I don't like going above 1000 if possible but I had to get this shot!

Even though it was a fast session and they froze a little, probably more like a lot, it was so much fun! I truly can't wait for their wedding at the end of May!



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