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Brittany & Trevor


I first met Brittany a couple years ago during a family session and I was excited to reconnect with her again when she contacted me for her wedding, and this time, I got to meet Trevor!

When we were chatting about a location for their engagement session, I thought she meant where we did the family session but she meant her grandparents cabin which is right down my road. I love when desired locations are in my backyard because I know places, like this creek. We had a good laugh as she was giving me directions and I was like, yes, I know the area very well!

It was so nice to see the sun, especially with all the rain we've been having. Trevor built a fire and they had a picnic and we watched the sun go down. It was such a beautiful evening and I lost track of how many times Brittany said 'I love you' to Trevor.

I can not wait to photograph their wedding next summer! Fingers crossed it's another beautiful day like this one but regardless of the weather, these two will light up my lens.

Another beautiful evening in Sunset Country! Thanks for a fun evening Brittany & Trevor!



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