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Hailey & Cam



July 25th, 2020


Hailey & Cam's couples session took place on what was supposed to be their wedding day. When Hailey asked me to do this for her as I sat in her salon chair, I couldn't have been more excited since all but one of my weddings were rescheduled for next year and I greatly missed photographing couples!

The location is their ceremony location. Some pictures were taken in the barn where the ceremony was to take place. Even a "kiss the bride" moment was there, but without the "I do." We treated this like it WAS their wedding day! Sparkling Dahlia with the flowers, and I with my photographs.

The session started out with an overcast sky but by the time we finished, it was noon, very sunny and incredibly humid! Regardless of the heat and the time of day, I had so much fun with Hailey & Cam that I could have kept shooting but that's how much I love my job! Check out their gorgeous pictures below!

I had such a wonderful time photographing Hailey & Cam on what was supposed to be their wedding day! I hope and pray that everything goes well next year so these two can finally say "I do!" Thank you so much for asking me to do this for you! I will cherish this memory forever!



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