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Katie & Jarin


A Rushing River Engagement


Katie & Jarin reside in Kenora and when Katie mentioned having their engagement session at Rushing River Provincial Park, I couldn't have been more excited as I have never been there and have only seen pictures and heard about it from friends. I love water! Rapids, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, you name it, and I can always imagine where I'd place a couple to make them and the water look amazing - a perfect picture. So you can imagine how excited I was!

Capturing activities couples enjoy doing together is something I truly love because it gives a glimpse of real life and who they are together. Both Katie & Jarin love the outdoors and camping, so we started their session around a campfire. It was the best we could do in the winter and it totally worked! Best of all, the props! The plaid blanket, the blue kettle & mugs, even the hatchet used to hold up the lid to the fire ring, puts the finishing touches to this camping scene.

I quickly found a beautifully frosted pathway nearby and it was there we had a quick stroll and some photos with their furry friend. We then made our way to the the river where I began to photograph Katie's stunning engagement ring that Jarin custom designed from Era Design, on a frosted tree branch while they changed for the formal segment of the session.

As much as I love the casual, fun, first half of an engagement shoot, the formal portion is my favourite. Jarin looks so warm in his sweater & jeans with Katie looking stunning in her dress! The colour just pops against the snow, which I love and they both look amazing in this winter wonderland!

I usually try to work fast when it's winter and couples are braving the cold so we finished this frosty session on the bridge that leads back to the parking lot where the heat in the vehicles was waiting.

Thank you so much for having me photograph this moment for you both and I look forward to your wedding in the summer sunshine!



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