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Robyn & Mike



November 9, 2019


Sometimes in life, things don't work out the way you plan, they turn out even better!

I had amazing ideas and planned a beautiful engagement session for Robyn & Mike, but weather & schedules pushed the session into November, and then it snowed creating a blanket of white. When the day finally came, it was snowing. We had perfect, fluffy flakes coming down during the entire session creating a picture perfect winter wonderland!!

We started the session on a road and the plaid outfits for this casual half of the session were absolutely ideal. Then we headed to the lake for a few more before changing clothes & heading to the falls. While they were warming up and getting ready for the second half of the shoot, I did the ring shots. As I was taking pictures, finding the right angle, light, etc. a little snowflake fell perfectly on the top left corner. What are the odds?! I wish I could have seen my face as I'm sure my jaw dropped! It is now my favourite ring shot of all time and I like to think God placed it there just for me to photograph.

The falls wasn't frozen over yet and it looked absolutely gorgeous as the back drop for the elegant half of the session. The dress Robyn wore was on point and this entire engagement session is definitely one of my all time favourite!

My new favourite ring shot!

Raleigh Falls is one of my favourite places for photographs and it was wonderful getting to know Robyn & Mike on the drive. I can't help but smile as I look through all these images. A perfect winter wonderland and such a beautiful and fun couple! I'm very much looking forward to their wedding day this summer in the warm sunshine! Can't wait!!

Love, Michelle

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