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Tamara & Carney



Dryden, Ontario / October 2021


Not only was this a perfect day but it was one for the record books as it was my 100th wedding! It was beautiful from a visual perspective but what really captivated me were the priceless emotions that seemed to keep flowing throughout every single part of the celebration!! There were so many moments throughout Tamara & Carney's wedding day that I thought to myself, “This is why I love my job.”

The sun wasn't shining but there was plenty of colour on the leaves which made a gorgeous background for photos! The day began with getting ready at the brides parents home followed by a lovely, intimate ceremony in Tamara & Carney's backyard in front of close family and friends.

After the ceremony & family photos, we drove down towards the ski hill where they had a trail picked out for their bridal party and couples portraits. I had never seen it in person before but it was breathtaking! The photos turned out amazing and truly unique!

The evening ended with heartfelt speeches and first dances. I can’t wait for you to see their day through my eyes! Enjoy scrolling and getting to know this sweet couple!