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Kristin + Zac

JULY 17, 2019


A Simple & Elegant Elopement in Beautiful Dinorwic, Northwestern Ontario


When Kristin first contacted me about planning their destination wedding at her family camp which happened to be 10 minutes from my home in Dinorwic, I was so excited to hear their love story and to meet them. She is from Iowa and Zac is from New Zealand and on their wedding day, he told me that he never thought he'd be marring an American in Canada. They met at her sisters wedding who also happened to marry a kiwi, which I learned is not just a fruit.

To us locals, it's home and nothing too exciting. To Kristin, her camp and it's surroundings, even the muddy waters of Wabigoon Lake, is the most beautiful place on earth. She loves it here and I would have to agree - we do live in one of the most beautiful parts of Canada. Who doesn't love listening to the sound of the wind in the white pines?

The day started earlier than planned. They bumped everything up 2 hours due to rain in the forecast. It was all perfect timing. God's timing. They shared an intimate first look followed by family photos. The ceremony was held on a floating dock while Zac's father and a local pastor officiated while family & friends were on shore. Heartfelt handwritten vows and passages from the bible, were just a few of the powerful moments I was fortunate enough to witness and like many, I could not hold in the tears. The love that these two have for each other and for God is undeniable.

Once the ceremony was over, we did some quick wedding party photos and then boated across to some islands that were special to Kristin. Two beautiful people in this beautiful part of the world made for some epic photos. We made it back to the dock just in time, for within minutes it started to rain.

My heart is so full! This wedding was like no other. It was small, consisting of only family & a few friends but so full of love. There was no real timeline, so the day was relaxed and not at all rushed. It was unique and beautiful and God's hands were definitely on this couple and this day! He was there, and I could feel and see his presence all around. The smiles, the hugs, the happy tears, the toasts, and the weather, He was there through it all. I couldn't be more honoured to be a part of it. Enjoy the story of their day through my lens.

Kristin's Grandfather drove the boat. Love this image.

I'm so thankful I got to know this couple, their families and friends. All the thank you's & hugs I received throughout the day are some I will treasure forever! Two beautiful families, two beautiful people, joined together as one. Congratulations Kristin & Zac! To me, your wedding was a blessing and I wish you both all the happiness in the world!




Gown Designer | Charlotte Barjou

Officiants | Groom's Father & Nik Amodio/Dryden Full Gospel Church

Pies | Daphne Cameron/Twin Towers

DJ | Dan Brodie - Bride's Brother

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