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Sara & Stephen


October 27th 2019

I know it's almost Christmas but I'm so happy Sara reached out for fall photos and that Stephen reluctantly agreed. We grew up together and he is like family to me, and Sara became family when they got married.

We started the session under the trees for shelter to avoid the snow that was falling but it eventually stopped and we made our way to the road with their beautiful, big dog Elliot. The big trees adjacent to the playground is my favourite spot for photos in Aaron Park. They are so majestic and beautiful this time of year. They are also the last in the area with colour so late in the fall.

After the session was over, we chatted for a good half hour. That has to be my favourite part - catching up with people or if we just met, getting to know them a little better.

Seems like yesterday I photographed their wedding but that was eight years ago already and these two have come a long way and have been through so much. I highly recommend following Sara, Soul Nutrition Consulting on Instagram or Facebook. Not only is she a wonderful person, but she is also a dietitian who shares great recipes and all sorts of healthy goodness along with her tips to avoid wood ticks, her struggles with fighting lyme disease, and raising awareness. She has been through hell and back fighting lyme and Stephen has been a constant by her side all while running his very successful business Lakeview Contracting. Admiration and prayers are what I have for these two beautiful humans.

Over the last couple years, I have also had the pleasure to photograph a home renovation and 2 brand new buildings for local lodges that Stephen and his crew built from the ground up. Every time I get asked to take pictures of the work, I'm blown away and I'm so proud of him and the company he has built. He doesn't need a shout out from me as his work speaks for itself, but I"m just so proud of him. You can follow Lakeview Contracting on Facebook & Instagram as well.

Friends are the family you make for yourself and I'm happy to call these two my friends.

Thanks for having me this past fall, and I look forward to seeing more of Stephen's work and watching Sara get stronger every day. Her fighting spirit is something to be admired.

Love, Michelle

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